Designer Badge Project

This project has been about 7 years in the making, it all started one day back when I was working in Atlanta with Kristie Feltner and Bryan Condra. We we’re joking around about how people should receive design badges for certain career goals or milestones (good or bad). We continued to create a list of goals and funny things that tend to happen in agency and branding life, eventually writing them on the wall in our back pasteup room. Fast forward 7 years we are all in different places and countries but the idea is now reality.

The idea is to celebrate design and help young designers understand that we have ALL been there. We have all been told no, we have all walked into an important meeting with coffee on our shirt we have all had to Frankenstein our favorite design. These badges will not only be comical but will also be celebrate the wins of your design career.

How it works:

  1. Download your starter kit - When you have something share worthy happen in your design career take that badge and post it on social media. celebrate your win or let designers know they are not alone today with that coffee stain or Frankenstein… And yes, you can edit the background color to match your feed.

  2. Tag us in your post if you want to be featured

  3. We will be releasing specialty badges each month, suggestions are always welcome.